Sad Weekend(?)

Hi everyone:

I keep a promess when i did it, so here i’m.

I just wanna tell you what i did my Lastweekend.

Valeria and my grandma wanted to go to Liverpool for the On sale, so my Mom drove us to the mall. Mariana was angry because her feet hurts and she didn’t walk; my grandmother and my mom bought Mariana’s birthday present and Valeria bought a doll for her and nothing For Mariana and me, i bought lots of candys.

After that my Mom bought the dinner, we ate tacos, it was so delicius.

Maybe you think i had a boring Saturday but you don’t Know how funny is Mariana when she is angry.

The sunday was a Sad day because was my uncle’s dead aniversary. We  went to the church and we cried a lot, but we are a closed family so we support to each other. Like i said was a Sad day. 😦 my uncle was a wonderfull person and his dead still hurts for all my family.

Have a nice Monday, see you soon…


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