Mariana dances in the air.

Take a few minutes for watch this Picture…..

Mariana in the air.

It’s a beautiful shoot right?

Well the girl in the photo is my sister Mariana. I’m so proud about her. She is an aerodancer as you know. In this post i want to share with you “How mariana Found what she loves to do”

Mariana studied ballet like every girl, but the ballet never was her passion,so mariana tried another sports and dance classes but she didn’t have the feeling to love what you do,until Aerodance.

Aerodance is a type of dance in the air, and my sister was born to be there.

Since the first class she felt in love with this type of dance, when her teachers teached a new move she practiced and practiced even when she knew that could hurt her, but she never stopped, she always practiced and now i think she is the best aerodancer in Campeche. If you think i’m over reacting you haven’t seen how precius Mariana looks in the air  when she dances.

She continues to practice to still be the best.

I’m so proud about my sister and i’ll never tire to say it.


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