Christmas is almost here!!!

This is my favorite celebration of the year!!!

I F*cking love Christmas, all the lights and colors, presents, happy children with their presents, really Christmas is mother of all celebrations.

Christmas is a time for forgive all bad things and be happy with our families, it’s a time to give thanks for all we have.

My family make a really big dinner, we are a very close family and We support to each other but Christmas is never the same because my uncle Javi is not here and I still feeling sad but he is with god take caring of us.


He was my uncle Javi with my cousin Omar (His son) and Aunt Lety (Yes, we are a big family)

So I want to tell you what was the last Christmas with my uncle and What that Christmas was so special.

Well 3 years ago I said to Gibran: “Do you like to come to my granny’s house for Christmas? I’d like you meet my all my family!” and he said: “Yes I´ll go”

And that Christmas Gib went to my Granny’s house for Christmas and when my uncle Javi met him He said: “Oh, dear, He is very tall, Why don’t you like small boys? and I laughted a lot.

We ate a lot and at 00:00 we opened the presents, and that Christmas was the last Christmas with all my family, because nobody could replace my uncle Javi and Christmas is not the same with out him.

Happy Hollidays!! and Happy Christmas.

Enjoy the time with your family, you don’t know if the next year they will be with you.

NAVIDAD 2012 018


War is never a solution

I like The UFC fights and even I like a little bit box fights but I don’t like wars- well JUST CIVIL WAR CAPTAIN AMERICA VS. IRONMAN- and it’s really sad what happend yesterday with Frace and Siria, because Siria doesn’t just have ISIS people, Siria has civilians too and 10 bombs is an exageration,violence brings with more violence. That  looks like a World War ( USA, Rusia, France VS Siria )

War comes with a lot of problems like destruction, orphans, psicosis; the war is never a solution for the problems of the contries and if you don’t belive me read a History Book, all wars finished bad and wars cost the lifes of thounsands of people.

I hope, beg and pray that doesn’t happen.

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A tragedy in The City of love

It’s really sad and I’m specheless about attemps in Paris, I still in shock and I can’t belive that exist so evil persons.

The attemps were yesterday in 7 crowded places in Paris:

Stade de Frace

*Le Bataclan Salon

*La Petite Cambodge Restaurant

*Le Carillon Restaurant

*La casa nostra Pizzeria

*La belle équipe Restaurant

There are about 150 dead, and 80 injured.

Isis (Estado Islamico) provocaded those attemps and they celebrated it. All the Kamikazes deceased in the attemps.

All the contries were united for Paris and  the most representative monuments of the world were enlighted with French Flag colors

French People sent a message to the world

I belive in god and justice and I think to do things in the name of god, like Isis People, it’s the lowest act because God is  love and not afraid or kill, because I think God wants the unite of all his people.

I am very indignant about the acts of those persons and I feel powerlees because I can’t do nothing just pray for those people.

November Birthdays

Two of my favorites persons will birth years this month… and these persons are : My boyfriend Gibran and my little sis Valeria.


The first birthday-girl is Vale on November 15th and the sencond birthday-boy is Gibran on November 21st ( That week will be Exams week,-:(-)


I get Gibran´s present but Idon’t get Vale’s present.- I don’t have any idea for her present-

Gibran will birth 21 years and Vale 8 years.

I met him in highschool 3 years ago, he is a very important person for me, he is my best friend, my confident,everything, when we are together I feel really happy and I laught a lot. He likes to annoy me and sometimes He’ll be really annoying but I know I can trust in him and He´ll always be for me.


Vale was born 8 years ago when I was 12 years, She was a surprise, but it was a good one. I still remember that day, my mom, mariana and me went to my mother’s consult with the obstetrician and when we got arrived to home, my mom started to felt the contractions and I was in panic I didn’t know what to do and I started to cry- I know, I know, I wasn’t help- but I was really in shock and excited!!! MY SISTER IS COOMING !!!! and after Mariana started to cry too.

Well my mom called my dad (Roman) and my aunt Luly my dad drove us to my aunt’s house and my aunt bought us a pizza- it was delicius-.

Vale was born in a beautiful morning of November 15th at the 5:00, She weight was 4 kg ( she was a really heavy baby), and I remember when I saw her for the first time I said: Oh, She looks so red and swollen why does she look weird?, and my mom started to cry, hhahahahah sorry She looked really weird.


I really love these two persons, they are very important in my life and I will do anything for them and I wish them a Happy Birthday.



Well I am watinig for a homework and I have to study but I’m very sleepy (zzzzzZzz)

Really very sleepy…..

Next Week is Exams Week and I feel nervous, it’s the last Examen Week of the semester. Oh!! Semester is almost over, and Christmas is cooming….

I better go to sleep … see you

One song- Thousands of feelings

This is one of my piano’s recitals and every recital is an important event in my life.

I started to play piano when I was 12 years old. My granny is my teacher. She is the best and she loves her piano.

I love to play piano but is not the same love like my granny. She really loves and lives for the music and her piano, but me well I just like it.

I feel nervous when I am in front of the public but when I start to play I forget everything and in the room we are only my piano and I. They are beautiful feelings.

This video was of my last recital and I played  “Ave Maria” I really love this song It’s so beautiful and when I play it I feel so much pace and happiness.

She is my granny. Her name is Maria but everybody call her Marilu.


In my last recital She said to me : -I am so proud of you dear, You became in a great musician, I love you-

That words means everything to me.

These are a few photos of my last recital.

DSC_0057[1] DSC_0073[1]

IMG-20150720-WA0009 [298972] IMG-20150712-WA0026 [298971] DSC_0064 [298973]

I really want to be like my granny and play like she plays and love the music like she loves the music.

My nightmares have names: Law and Tax Code

I know, I didn’t write, Sorry.

I was a little bit bussy, tomorrow I have a test with Miss Corazon and It’s so stressful. Her class is Law and Tax Code and I really ( with all my heart) hate Law.

I hate laws because there are so techniques, It’s really hard to me understand them.

When I was in Highschool everybody said me if I’ll study laws and I said NO! I was always sure about two professions I don’t like: Doctor and Lawyer.

I love my career but my loved layws (sarcasm) and accountancy have too much in common.

So here I am studiying all my weekend Tax Code -YEY!!!-  I like books but this book it’s an exception, I love novels, and Tax Code isn’t a novel.

But Tax Code it’s really important for accountants and I’ll try to take it for the best side: Studiying will make me a good accountant. ( I was repite it like ten thousand of times)

Well I have to back with my beautiful code (I’ll put a name)


We ( MyTax Code and I) wish you have a happy sunday and see you soon

One in a thousand (Uno entre mil)- Manuel Mijares

I really love this song, it’s about hope and never give up.

I know it’s a old song (90’s) but I don’t care if you don’t like it or you laugh of me, it’s beautiful and this song is a hymn for me.

I like nother songs, I really like songs in english like: Hurricane, Pretty Woman, Burning Love, Piano music, but this is my favorite.

Hear the letter of the song and YOU WILL LOVE IT.

A walk into my bookcases

Hi everyone today I’d like to share with you one of my favorite hobbies and that is Reading!!!!

Yes I love reading and it’s a little bit expensive xD. any way…

When I open a book I feel like if I were in a  new world,I fall in love with all the characters and I can live their lives. There are magical feelings. I can spend hours and hours reading.

I started to read when I was 10 years old. the first book i read was  ” La posada del aullido” my granny gave it to me, and a few years later my mother gave me “Twilight” on Christmas, I was in elementary school and i was in a bad moment, i felt like depressive but books helped me a lot to pass that period.

On another Christmas my mother (again) gave me “Shadowhunters:The Mortal Instruments” and I fell in love of ALL these books, really it’s my favorite saga, it’s about Shadowhunters or Nephilims who save the world of the demons and in this saga there are love, magic, warlocs, vampires, fairies, Wolf,EVERYTHING!!!! I have all the books well the most of all.

  10644504_10203991119513399_1727081448481306429_n 10712928_10204187340298796_8054388008592794814_n

I was read Divergent series by Veronica Roth;  Anna and the frech kiss by Stephanie Perkins;Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Persuasion by Jane Austen; P.S  I love you by Cecelia Ahern; The selection by Kiera Kass; Fangirl and Eleanor & Park by: Rainbow Rowell; Percy Jackson and the olympians by Uncle Rick (Rick Riordan) and anothers too.

10339583_10203123000890976_5744628785766804865_n 10703744_10204118204130435_7790705299971528538_n 1966771_10204156104037909_6724873375778733520_n

I never read a novel in english, I mean i read a few short books and stories but not a novel. I’d like to try, i was thinking to buy a book in english one of these days but I don’t know which.

These are my bookcases:



And that’s all. I hope you like my story and my love for the books and good stories.

Happy Day of the Dead!!!!

Yes I wrote “Day of the Dead”because Mexicans don’t celebrate Halloween, in this date We rember people who love but for a injustices reasons of the life, they aren’t here with us.

On November 1st we put an altar in our houses with the favorite dishes and drinks of that relatives or friends who died, because in the night their souls will visit us.

For me this day is sad. My uncle died 2 years ago and well he was the best, and my dog Toby died 10 years ago but still hurt.

Oh I forget, we eat pibipollo or tamales and in the afternoon we pray for them( I mean the souls of our relatives or friends and in my case for Toby and my uncle Javi)

In another states, people go to the cemetery and they stay all the night.


Looks so beautiful.

And here in Campeche some people (this is most common in the towns) exhume the rest (bones) of their deads and clean it.


Credits: Milenio (Newspaper)

In my house, we put an altar. This is the altar in my house my mother, my sisters, me and even Gibran made it.


And my mom is cooking pibipollos, look:


People who love never go if we remember them.

But like my granny always said- ” In life, friend, In life”(“En vida, hermano, en vida”)

I respect the traditions in my country, traditions give us an identity.

Happy “Dia de Muertos” a Mexican tradition.