Happy Day of the Dead!!!!

Yes I wrote “Day of the Dead”because Mexicans don’t celebrate Halloween, in this date We rember people who love but for a injustices reasons of the life, they aren’t here with us.

On November 1st we put an altar in our houses with the favorite dishes and drinks of that relatives or friends who died, because in the night their souls will visit us.

For me this day is sad. My uncle died 2 years ago and well he was the best, and my dog Toby died 10 years ago but still hurt.

Oh I forget, we eat pibipollo or tamales and in the afternoon we pray for them( I mean the souls of our relatives or friends and in my case for Toby and my uncle Javi)

In another states, people go to the cemetery and they stay all the night.


Looks so beautiful.

And here in Campeche some people (this is most common in the towns) exhume the rest (bones) of their deads and clean it.


Credits: Milenio (Newspaper)

In my house, we put an altar. This is the altar in my house my mother, my sisters, me and even Gibran made it.


And my mom is cooking pibipollos, look:


People who love never go if we remember them.

But like my granny always said- ” In life, friend, In life”(“En vida, hermano, en vida”)

I respect the traditions in my country, traditions give us an identity.

Happy “Dia de Muertos” a Mexican tradition.



  1. aecovarrubias · November 6, 2015

    Don´t forget to use Capital Letters on Proper Names, Personal Pronoun “I”, months , and days of the week.

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