My nightmares have names: Law and Tax Code

I know, I didn’t write, Sorry.

I was a little bit bussy, tomorrow I have a test with Miss Corazon and It’s so stressful. Her class is Law and Tax Code and I really ( with all my heart) hate Law.

I hate laws because there are so techniques, It’s really hard to me understand them.

When I was in Highschool everybody said me if I’ll study laws and I said NO! I was always sure about two professions I don’t like: Doctor and Lawyer.

I love my career but my loved layws (sarcasm) and accountancy have too much in common.

So here I am studiying all my weekend Tax Code -YEY!!!-  I like books but this book it’s an exception, I love novels, and Tax Code isn’t a novel.

But Tax Code it’s really important for accountants and I’ll try to take it for the best side: Studiying will make me a good accountant. ( I was repite it like ten thousand of times)

Well I have to back with my beautiful code (I’ll put a name)


We ( MyTax Code and I) wish you have a happy sunday and see you soon


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