One song- Thousands of feelings

This is one of my piano’s recitals and every recital is an important event in my life.

I started to play piano when I was 12 years old. My granny is my teacher. She is the best and she loves her piano.

I love to play piano but is not the same love like my granny. She really loves and lives for the music and her piano, but me well I just like it.

I feel nervous when I am in front of the public but when I start to play I forget everything and in the room we are only my piano and I. They are beautiful feelings.

This video was of my last recital and I played  “Ave Maria” I really love this song It’s so beautiful and when I play it I feel so much pace and happiness.

She is my granny. Her name is Maria but everybody call her Marilu.


In my last recital She said to me : -I am so proud of you dear, You became in a great musician, I love you-

That words means everything to me.

These are a few photos of my last recital.

DSC_0057[1] DSC_0073[1]

IMG-20150720-WA0009 [298972] IMG-20150712-WA0026 [298971] DSC_0064 [298973]

I really want to be like my granny and play like she plays and love the music like she loves the music.


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