November Birthdays

Two of my favorites persons will birth years this month… and these persons are : My boyfriend Gibran and my little sis Valeria.


The first birthday-girl is Vale on November 15th and the sencond birthday-boy is Gibran on November 21st ( That week will be Exams week,-:(-)


I get Gibran´s present but Idon’t get Vale’s present.- I don’t have any idea for her present-

Gibran will birth 21 years and Vale 8 years.

I met him in highschool 3 years ago, he is a very important person for me, he is my best friend, my confident,everything, when we are together I feel really happy and I laught a lot. He likes to annoy me and sometimes He’ll be really annoying but I know I can trust in him and He´ll always be for me.


Vale was born 8 years ago when I was 12 years, She was a surprise, but it was a good one. I still remember that day, my mom, mariana and me went to my mother’s consult with the obstetrician and when we got arrived to home, my mom started to felt the contractions and I was in panic I didn’t know what to do and I started to cry- I know, I know, I wasn’t help- but I was really in shock and excited!!! MY SISTER IS COOMING !!!! and after Mariana started to cry too.

Well my mom called my dad (Roman) and my aunt Luly my dad drove us to my aunt’s house and my aunt bought us a pizza- it was delicius-.

Vale was born in a beautiful morning of November 15th at the 5:00, She weight was 4 kg ( she was a really heavy baby), and I remember when I saw her for the first time I said: Oh, She looks so red and swollen why does she look weird?, and my mom started to cry, hhahahahah sorry She looked really weird.


I really love these two persons, they are very important in my life and I will do anything for them and I wish them a Happy Birthday.



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