Christmas is almost here!!!

This is my favorite celebration of the year!!!

I F*cking love Christmas, all the lights and colors, presents, happy children with their presents, really Christmas is mother of all celebrations.

Christmas is a time for forgive all bad things and be happy with our families, it’s a time to give thanks for all we have.

My family make a really big dinner, we are a very close family and We support to each other but Christmas is never the same because my uncle Javi is not here and I still feeling sad but he is with god take caring of us.


He was my uncle Javi with my cousin Omar (His son) and Aunt Lety (Yes, we are a big family)

So I want to tell you what was the last Christmas with my uncle and What that Christmas was so special.

Well 3 years ago I said to Gibran: “Do you like to come to my granny’s house for Christmas? I’d like you meet my all my family!” and he said: “Yes I´ll go”

And that Christmas Gib went to my Granny’s house for Christmas and when my uncle Javi met him He said: “Oh, dear, He is very tall, Why don’t you like small boys? and I laughted a lot.

We ate a lot and at 00:00 we opened the presents, and that Christmas was the last Christmas with all my family, because nobody could replace my uncle Javi and Christmas is not the same with out him.

Happy Hollidays!! and Happy Christmas.

Enjoy the time with your family, you don’t know if the next year they will be with you.

NAVIDAD 2012 018


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