War is never a solution

I like The UFC fights and even I like a little bit box fights but I don’t like wars- well JUST CIVIL WAR CAPTAIN AMERICA VS. IRONMAN- and it’s really sad what happend yesterday with Frace and Siria, because Siria doesn’t just have ISIS people, Siria has civilians too and 10 bombs is an exageration,violence brings with more violence. That  looks like a World War ( USA, Rusia, France VS Siria )

War comes with a lot of problems like destruction, orphans, psicosis; the war is never a solution for the problems of the contries and if you don’t belive me read a History Book, all wars finished bad and wars cost the lifes of thounsands of people.

I hope, beg and pray that doesn’t happen.

Resultado de imagen para wars 


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