A far house, Toby and a besttie?

This is a story about a girl named Andrea…..

I’m just kidding, well I don’t remember my first best friend I’ve always been lonely.

But I remember my first pet, He was a dog his name was Toby He was a Pequines with Maltese, He had a beautiful brown eyes and brown -like chocolate- with white hair.

He was really troublemaker because He always fought with the neighboors’ dog and Toby always lose and my mom had to take him to the vet; in one occasion He almost died,a German shepherd attacked him We were so scared .

He always was in the street, He didn’t like stay in my house. Toby didn’t like peas,yes as you read, when my mom gave him rice with peas He spat the peas and just ate the rice.

He was Toby


I miss him so much. ❤

And finally my first home it’s to far from my home. It’s located in KALA and I don’t remember it, I just remember there was stairs in the garage,my mom and I sat on them for ate a “Submarinos”.

Well that’s it about my firsts, Have a nice weekend.


The Future of English

Look at this three predictions about the future of English:

 1. English will become dominant lenguage.

2. World will become multilingual.

3. English will dissappear.

Nowaday English is being used like an universal language, a few countries have the name of their streets in their language and also translate that name in English; American Economy is rising and for a business relationship with people of this country the interested has to speak the language or at least understand it; English an easy language to learn; in Mexico there are more oportunities to find a job if you know the language; most of the software are in English.

So in my opinion the most plausible prediction is the number 1.

English: The language of the Globalized World

Today I saw a video about how languages has been disappering for many causes.

And I think the most important of that causes is the globalized world. This started when Britain, Portuguese and Spain came to colonize America and They imposed their languages at the natives of this colonized regions, and with the past of the years english was become in one of the most important leanguages spoken for millions of persons.

English is common in our lives; the most popular music, movies, books, TV Shows are in English. The best universities are British or American and as you know in these countries people speak English.

In Mexico, We don’t speak English commonly but Mexicans are taking most of the customs in USA and may be in a future most of the Mexican population will use English in their life like Americans do.

Nowaday English is one of the most important languages in the world, It is like the universal Language and We have to be prepared for it but at the same time We won’t forget our own Languages because it give us an identity.