As English’s dominance continues, liguists see few threats to its rule

1a.- Nuclear war, climate change and perfection of a translation machine

1b.- Latin, Phoenician and Sanskrit

1c.- In the past Latin’s future was bright because a biggest part of the population spoke it but now is death language and now English future is bright too but in a few years it could dissapear.

1d.- English is the first global language and that it never been happend abnd linguists don’t know what could happend.

2a.- B        2f.- D

2b.-B        2g.- A

2c.-C        2h.- B

2d.-D       2i.- D

2e.-C        2j.- C

3a.- Latin, like English, has dominate the world

3d.- English was a dominant language in the 20th century

3f.- Some linguists belive we cannot predict the future of English based  on history

3h.- Almost 25% of the word’s population can communicate in English to an extent







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