Be Happy- Go Lucky? or Go Lucky-Be Dead?

The advertising of tobacco make to belive  that smoke is good and be a smoker gives You position and if You smoke you look good.

This type of advertising of tobacco like the image above, who show us a happy woman smoking, increase the number of smokers because It say something like if “You want to look great and fancy You have to smoke Lucky Strikes.”

And this say something like: ” Hey don’t be pussy Lucky Strikes doesn’t affect your health and even a doctor recommend us”

But that is a lie, smoke is really bad for our health and nowaday tobacco companies have to put in the tobacco box, like a warning, what tobacco could cause you.

Nowaday, We don’t look these type of advertisements in Magazines, T.V. or any media because doctors realice that smoke is really bad for your health and tooth, and even smoking could cause us cancer.



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