Personal Response

“Advertising is everywhere you look, whet4er it is in the newspaper you pick uo daily or on that billboard you see while drivingdown the highway. Some people may say that they are not in fac influenced by the advertising that is thrown at them each day, and that they do not fall into it, but everyone does.”


Nowaday the most of the people have been affect for advertisements like perfects bodies, the role of women in the society, a man cannot dance because he looks gay and others stereotypes.

All the Companies have one purpose and this is SELL and, if They want to sell They have to do a massive campaine of advertisements. There are good campaines who promote good things like union family, the size of your pants doesn’t define you; but most of campaines, how don’t care about the people, create stereotypes and induce us to have bad or incorrect behaivors.

Some people may say that They are not influenced for these advertisements, but if They see It (advertisements) all days, all weeks at all hours, They start to fall into the advertisement’s message. And that means ALL coulf be influence by adevertisements.



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