Making sense of advertisements

Exercise 1

What is the focal idea in the text? How does the author support this idea?

The focal idea is what advertisements represent into our society and how They influence us.

The author support this ideas with examples like a Tobacco Brand and He said, that brand influenced to the audience to swtich their tobacco brand for them. And how ads try to create consumers and sell them things that actually They don’t need. He analyse the sense of advertisements and what are their purpose.

Exercise 2

1. What might “graphically rewrite the history of our time” mean?

It refer that there are a lot of advertisements to see how generations go changing.

2. Which word between lines 1 and 23 is closest in meaning to “explored”?


3. For studying purposes, what type of advertisements have scholars found accessible?

Online collections of advertisements

4. How is the attempt to analyse advertisements described in lines 1 to 23?

It is trying to understand the culture and costums of the society through advertisements

5. What type of models have been used in smoking ads in the past?

Models with bruises and black eyes saying “I’d rather fight than switch”

6. Give two advertising aims as mentioned in line 23 to 43

Sell a product and mantain the brand loyalty

7. How the United States described in lines 58 to 80?

A country with segmented society with citizens of differents cultures and customs are divided in groups with similar interests.

8. How advertising changed between 1920s and more recent decades in United States?

On 1920s advertising was focused to sell products but recently advertising seeks to create needs more than sell the products.

9. Before finalizing an advertisement, what do advertising researchers do as suggested in line 97 to 111?

Look all details in advertisements

10.Wich word between lines 120 and 150 is closest in meaning to “biased”?

I think is “Stereotyped”

11. How were African Americans represented in advertisements in the past?

As servants or  as exemplifying racially stereotyped behaviour

12.Wich word between lines 151 and 166 is closest in meaning to “imprecise”?


Exercise 3

Wich reading technique is required to complete this matching exercise: skimming  the text, scanning the text or combination of both?  Why?

This exercise needed a combination of both techniques, because first We needed to read and understand the text and after did that, scanning the key words for match the questions with the sections numbered.

Section 1 Questions:

  • What strategies are used to sell the product?
  • What is the ad’s purpose?

Section 2 Questions:

  • Does the ad promote standardized products?
  • Who is the intended audience?

Section 3 Questions:

  • Do ads contain text?
  • What else do you need to know to analyse an ad?

Section 4 Questions:

  • Are ads cultural indicators?
  • When did African Americans start appearing in ads?

Section 5 Questions:

  • What has the ad done?
  • What do ads revel and conceal about an era?



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