About you unit 12



La Parrillita Restaurant

This week’s restaurant: La parrillita

By: Andrea Acuña Sanchez

Last week I went to La Parrillita- it’s a terrible restaurant! I was tired for school and work and I just wanted a parrilla for dinner. I saw this restaurant in my way to home so I decided to order there, that was a big mistake. The place was dirty and there was too much hot inside. The receptionist was angry or mad or I don’t know but She wasn’t very friendly. The meat was dry and I waited for it for ages and to make matters worse the parrilla was too expensive.


Cat Coffee Shop

Hi, today I want to show You this cute kind of Coffee Shop who has two of my three favorites things in the world and That’s Cats and Coffee.

A Cat Coffee Shop borns in Asia, This is a new way to drink a coffee and at the same time enjoy with cats and others cat’s lover ( like my grandma  and I :D)

The first Cat Coffee who oppend their doors for the public is in Taiwan in 1998.

The Cat Flower Garden, Taiwan

There are very popular in Asia but there is one in Paris named “Le café des chats” inaugurated in September 2013, Madrid and United States.


Le café des chats, Paris

There is one of these kind of Coffee Shops in Mexico City ( It is the first in Latin America)  and It’s really nice and cute. They serve Vegan food and a delicious coffe. It’s a lovely place to relax after a tired day.

It is located in Roma Colony and this coffee shop also promotes adoption of that pets.

If You can go to Mexico City visit “La Gateria” and check out its internet page for more information ( in spanish) http://www.lagateria.com/catcafe/

Vista de La Gatería Cat Café, México DF

Vista de La Gatería Cat Café, México DF

Vista de La Gatería Cat Café, México DF