Phrasal Verbs


Sentences with GOT

  • I was surprised how well my new girlfriend and my sister got along
  • We got back from our vacation last week.
  • I finally got back into my novel and finished it.
  • I just got over the flu and now my sister has it.
  • I got up early today to study for my exam.
  • My mom and sister got around fine after their trip from Disney, I was so happy to saw them.
  • We worked so hard this year that we had to got away for a week.
  • The bus was full. We couldn’t got on
  • The thieves got in my house but they didn’t stole anything because my pet bit them.
  • My Cousin Erika got married the past December , and her wedding was to boring.


Sentences with WENT

  • I went after my dream and now I am a published writer.
  • When I was young, we went without winter boots.
  • Sam didn’t expect such a party, but it all went along perfectly.
  • Alan thought John had stolen his watch and went at him
  • The drunk driver suddenly turned and went into the traffic light.
  • The lights went off when the winner was about to be announced
  • The paper boats the kids had made went under in the lake
  • Three hours went by.
  • His plan to reduce costs in the factory went down very well
  • My parents went for this school because it was very close to our home

As English’s dominance continues, liguists see few threats to its rule

1a.- Nuclear war, climate change and perfection of a translation machine

1b.- Latin, Phoenician and Sanskrit

1c.- In the past Latin’s future was bright because a biggest part of the population spoke it but now is death language and now English future is bright too but in a few years it could dissapear.

1d.- English is the first global language and that it never been happend abnd linguists don’t know what could happend.

2a.- B        2f.- D

2b.-B        2g.- A

2c.-C        2h.- B

2d.-D       2i.- D

2e.-C        2j.- C

3a.- Latin, like English, has dominate the world

3d.- English was a dominant language in the 20th century

3f.- Some linguists belive we cannot predict the future of English based  on history

3h.- Almost 25% of the word’s population can communicate in English to an extent






A far house, Toby and a besttie?

This is a story about a girl named Andrea…..

I’m just kidding, well I don’t remember my first best friend I’ve always been lonely.

But I remember my first pet, He was a dog his name was Toby He was a Pequines with Maltese, He had a beautiful brown eyes and brown -like chocolate- with white hair.

He was really troublemaker because He always fought with the neighboors’ dog and Toby always lose and my mom had to take him to the vet; in one occasion He almost died,a German shepherd attacked him We were so scared .

He always was in the street, He didn’t like stay in my house. Toby didn’t like peas,yes as you read, when my mom gave him rice with peas He spat the peas and just ate the rice.

He was Toby


I miss him so much. ❤

And finally my first home it’s to far from my home. It’s located in KALA and I don’t remember it, I just remember there was stairs in the garage,my mom and I sat on them for ate a “Submarinos”.

Well that’s it about my firsts, Have a nice weekend.

The Future of English

Look at this three predictions about the future of English:

 1. English will become dominant lenguage.

2. World will become multilingual.

3. English will dissappear.

Nowaday English is being used like an universal language, a few countries have the name of their streets in their language and also translate that name in English; American Economy is rising and for a business relationship with people of this country the interested has to speak the language or at least understand it; English an easy language to learn; in Mexico there are more oportunities to find a job if you know the language; most of the software are in English.

So in my opinion the most plausible prediction is the number 1.

English: The language of the Globalized World

Today I saw a video about how languages has been disappering for many causes.

And I think the most important of that causes is the globalized world. This started when Britain, Portuguese and Spain came to colonize America and They imposed their languages at the natives of this colonized regions, and with the past of the years english was become in one of the most important leanguages spoken for millions of persons.

English is common in our lives; the most popular music, movies, books, TV Shows are in English. The best universities are British or American and as you know in these countries people speak English.

In Mexico, We don’t speak English commonly but Mexicans are taking most of the customs in USA and may be in a future most of the Mexican population will use English in their life like Americans do.

Nowaday English is one of the most important languages in the world, It is like the universal Language and We have to be prepared for it but at the same time We won’t forget our own Languages because it give us an identity.



Christmas is almost here!!!

This is my favorite celebration of the year!!!

I F*cking love Christmas, all the lights and colors, presents, happy children with their presents, really Christmas is mother of all celebrations.

Christmas is a time for forgive all bad things and be happy with our families, it’s a time to give thanks for all we have.

My family make a really big dinner, we are a very close family and We support to each other but Christmas is never the same because my uncle Javi is not here and I still feeling sad but he is with god take caring of us.


He was my uncle Javi with my cousin Omar (His son) and Aunt Lety (Yes, we are a big family)

So I want to tell you what was the last Christmas with my uncle and What that Christmas was so special.

Well 3 years ago I said to Gibran: “Do you like to come to my granny’s house for Christmas? I’d like you meet my all my family!” and he said: “Yes I´ll go”

And that Christmas Gib went to my Granny’s house for Christmas and when my uncle Javi met him He said: “Oh, dear, He is very tall, Why don’t you like small boys? and I laughted a lot.

We ate a lot and at 00:00 we opened the presents, and that Christmas was the last Christmas with all my family, because nobody could replace my uncle Javi and Christmas is not the same with out him.

Happy Hollidays!! and Happy Christmas.

Enjoy the time with your family, you don’t know if the next year they will be with you.

NAVIDAD 2012 018

War is never a solution

I like The UFC fights and even I like a little bit box fights but I don’t like wars- well JUST CIVIL WAR CAPTAIN AMERICA VS. IRONMAN- and it’s really sad what happend yesterday with Frace and Siria, because Siria doesn’t just have ISIS people, Siria has civilians too and 10 bombs is an exageration,violence brings with more violence. That  looks like a World War ( USA, Rusia, France VS Siria )

War comes with a lot of problems like destruction, orphans, psicosis; the war is never a solution for the problems of the contries and if you don’t belive me read a History Book, all wars finished bad and wars cost the lifes of thounsands of people.

I hope, beg and pray that doesn’t happen.

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A tragedy in The City of love

It’s really sad and I’m specheless about attemps in Paris, I still in shock and I can’t belive that exist so evil persons.

The attemps were yesterday in 7 crowded places in Paris:

Stade de Frace

*Le Bataclan Salon

*La Petite Cambodge Restaurant

*Le Carillon Restaurant

*La casa nostra Pizzeria

*La belle équipe Restaurant

There are about 150 dead, and 80 injured.

Isis (Estado Islamico) provocaded those attemps and they celebrated it. All the Kamikazes deceased in the attemps.

All the contries were united for Paris and  the most representative monuments of the world were enlighted with French Flag colors

French People sent a message to the world

I belive in god and justice and I think to do things in the name of god, like Isis People, it’s the lowest act because God is  love and not afraid or kill, because I think God wants the unite of all his people.

I am very indignant about the acts of those persons and I feel powerlees because I can’t do nothing just pray for those people.